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Popular Tours in Madagascar

Madagascar Highlands to Sainte Marie 15 Day Tour

Madagascar Highlands to Sainte Marie 15 Day Bike Tour

15 Days, 16 Nights
This bike tour takes us on 8 days of cycling bout 650 kilometres in the east of this amazing island. We cycle through highland villages and paddy fields, lush tropical fruit plantations and coastal trails […]
The Incredible Contrast 20 Day Tour

The Incredible Contrast 20 Day Tour

20 Days, 19 Nights
This itinerary combines the Rainforest ‘green’ East with the very ‘dry rocky and red sandy’ West. Two completely contrasted areas. A great trip for families too because of the National Rainforest (with the Indri) and […]
The Secrets of the Well-known National Road 14 Day Tour

The Secrets of the Well-known National Road 14 Day Tour

14 Days, 13 Nights
Join this 14-day tour of unique parts of Madagascar. See a mixture of Asian and African culture and landscapes as we venture along the National Road 7 from rainforest to coast and more!
Off the beaten track 21 Day Tour

Off the beaten track 21 Day Tour

21 Days, 20 Nights
During this off-the-beaten-path adventure, you will visit several national and local parks, take a local train ride, and even enjoy a multi-day trek through extraordinary landscapes!
Cook Authentic Malagasy Food in this Virtual Cooking Class from Madagascar

Cook Authentic Malagasy Food in this Virtual Cooking Class from Madagascar

45 min
Take a virtual cooking class & learn how to make a traditional Malagasy meal. Join TravPact Madagascar, leaders in sustainable tours in Madagascar for 20 years.

Explore the City Streets in this Virtual Tour of Madagascar’s Capital: Antananarivo

45 min
This itinerary follows the RN4 form the capital till the upper North. You will visit 3 national parks, 2 private parks, both the Tsingy’s included, different kinds of lemurs and also the blue-eyed lemur to […]

Bucket-List Madagascar Vacations

Our Madagascar tours are focused on sustainable, responsible travel. Our goal is to always travel with impact — leaving a positive impact on the communities we visit and the environment we travel through. With TravPact, you’ll know your trip to Madagascar supports local community efforts through our partnerships with local programs and organisations. And a Madagascar eco-tour ensures your impact on the environment is minimal, with our local guides helping you to observe and enjoy without intruding on wildlife or nature.

For nature-lovers, for responsible travellers, for those who are seeking an unforgettable experience in this unique destination…our trips to Madagascar are designed just for you. Contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help!

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Madagascar is a very large country, comparable with the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France combined. Therefore it is important to decide which part of Madagascar you wish to see before you book the tour. With this eBook, we hope you get an idea of the different possibilities per province, so you can choose the trip of your dreams!