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Terms and Conditions

ARTICLE 1 – Enrollment and conclusion of the contract

1. The agreement of travel is made from the date of confirmation for one travel after enrollment of your part by letter (date of the stamp is witness), fax, e-mail or telephone. During the enrollment (confirmation), all personal information of the travelers will be transmitted.

2. 48 Hours after enrollment (confirmation) for one travel, the agreement of travel can only be cancelled according to the article 5 of these conditions of travel.

3. A traveler who concludes an agreement of travel for several people is personally responsible of all obligations that it results.
4. During the enrollment, the traveler has the obligation to let Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. know of all his/her personal situations, as well as other people’s so that he/she could make the agreement of travel, that can be of importance for the travel (for example the age, the handicaps, the illnesses, the vegetarians and so on.)

ARTICLE 2 – The offer of travel

1. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.’s offer of travel consists of the roads mentioned in the description of trip, the nights, the meals, the picnics, the guide of travel and eventually your international flights. The mistakes in the booklets or on the website are not from Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.

2. In case the traveler, once there, wants to change his/her agreement of travel (or a part of it) that he/she concluded, it is necessary that he/she makes it in writing to the guide of trips. In addition, he/she must accept all additional charges that the change results.

ARTICLE 3 – Payment

1. At the time of the agreement of travel, the traveler commits to pay the price of the travel mentioned in e- mail, fax, booklet or said on the telephone by Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.

2. The traveler pays, upon receipt of the invoice (by mail, fax or e-mail), a deposit of 25% of the total amount to pay per person for the trip and the inland flights. If international flights are booked a 100% payment for this flight will be requested. The remaining amount must be fully paid at the latest 56 days before the departure date of the travel.

3. During a belated enrollment, i.e. less than 30 days before the date of departure, the total amount must be paid at the time of receipt of the invoice and by the return of the mail.

4. In case of delay of the payment and after the traveler has been warned, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. can break the agreement of travel. Breaking the agreement of journey following a delay of payment (or non-payment) is considered like an annulment on behalf of the customer, see article 5 for these travel conditions.

ARTICLE 4 – Price

1. The communicated prices only consist of the services mentioned in the booklets or e-mails of Mora- Travel S.A.R.L.

2. The cost of the travel is based on the prices of the hotels, the transportation, the value of the different currencies, the prices of fuel, the taxes as Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. valued them on March 1st of the year in which you make the enrollment..

ARTICLE 5 – Changes and annulment by the traveler

1. The traveler can ask for the changes of his agreement of travel until thirty days before his/her departure date. In case of change of departure date or place (itinerary), Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will make all the possible to take in consideration the change without being obliged to do so. Every change cost 15 Euros per person, possibly increased of all additional charges that the change results.

2. The traveler must always confirm in writing the annulment of his/her travel. The date of the stamp, fax or e-mail counts like date of annulment. In case of annulment, the traveler owes to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.: 60 days before the date of the departure 15% of the package price; 60 to 31 days before the date of the departure 30% of the package price; 30 to 15 days before the date of the departure 50% of the package price; 14 to 8 days before the date of the departure 75% of the package price, of 7 days until the day of the departure the complete sum of the package price.

3. If the traveler must prematurely interrupt his/her trip, for any reason, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. cannot repay him/her the price of the arrangement. However, non-used services’ charges will be repaid according to the possibilities, as far as these did not carry it in account.

ARTICLE 6 – Changes and annulment on behalf of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.

1. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. has the right to change or annul the agreement of travel in less than 30 days before the date of departure in case of absolute necessity, i.e. of the natural disasters, extreme weather report conditions, shortage, strikes, political instability or the fact that the enterprises of transportation don’t follow their obligations. In these cases, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. cannot be responsible for the damages that touch the traveler. It is well for Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. to make the biggest effort to limit maximally the negative consequences for the traveler. Changes may happen on the enterprises of transportation, the itinerary, the type of transportation, the adaptation, the timetable, the departure and the arrival places etc. The trip can even end earlier. As for the reasons mentioned above, the traveler cannot ask for credence to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L., except in case of limitation of the length of the travel because of transporters who don’t hold their obligations.

2. All changes in the agreement of travel mentioned in this article and the circumstances that provoked these changes will be communicated on time to the traveler.

ARTICLE 7 – Duration of trip and program of travel

1. The length of the trip is mentioned in complete days. The day of arrival and departure count as whole days. The traveler gets 7 days at the latest, before his/her departure, the information concerning the dates and the definitive hours of his/her arrival and departure if Mora-Travel took care of the plane tickets.

2. The length of travel is subject to change if there are changes of timetable or airline companies for example. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is not responsible and can’t guaranty for the additional charges or the inconvenience that it brings for the traveler, it is the same way when the flights are annulled. It is well for Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. to make all the possible to find the best solution for the traveler.

3. During an inclusive travel, some unforeseen changes (lodging, means of transportation, supplier of services, timetables etc.) may happen. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will endeavor in such a case to find an equivalent replacement for the traveler. The program changes don’t give any right for demands in damages, nor to indemnities of loss of wages etc. On the other hand, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will repay to the traveler a possible difference between the inferior value given and the one described in our services.

4. In some particular cases (for example “overbooking” on behalf of the hotel) Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. reserves the right to accommodate the traveler in another hotel of the same category.

ARTICLE 8 – Luggage, passport, visas and vaccines

1. The traveler is the only person responsible to have in possession the documents necessary to his/her travel to Madagascar – normally a passport (valid minimum 6 months beyond the return date) as well as the visa to Madagascar. The traveler is obliged to pass an insurance travel and accidents policy and must carry during the travel all the relevant papers. The traveler is also responsible for getting all the correct information concerning the documents of travel required, the visa, the vaccines and cannot refer to information given by Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.
Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. has no responsibility for the incorrect documents of travel (except the documents emitted by Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.), vaccinations, delay of the traveler for the flight etc.

2. Normally, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. sends the intercontinental airline tickets to the traveler at the latest 7 days before the departure date.

3. In special cases, the airline tickets will be given to the traveler at the departure airport. At the latest 7 days before your departure, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will communicate in writing to the traveler the exact hour and place.

4. In case where the traveler didn’t receive the tickets and/or the information of travel 7 days before the departure, he/she must refer at the latest to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. 5 days before his/her departure.

5. Domestic airline tickets will be given upon arrival in Madagascar.

6. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is not responsible for the loss or the damage of the luggage, the cash/checks nor the documents of travel.

ARTICLE 9 – “No-Show”

1. If the traveler doesn’t present himself/herself or is late at the time of departure of the flight or in the beginning of the travel, no reimbursement will be owed to him/her.

2. If he/she misses the flight back, he/she should reserve to his/her expenses an alternative.

ARTICLE 10 – Responsibility of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.

1.Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is responsible for the good execution of all liabilities that result from the travel agreement. Among these liabilities, Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. also counts the waiting that the travelers encountered due to the publications and exchanges of information with Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. All must be relativized to the possible level of organization in Madagascar.

2.Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is not responsible for the damages caused by the failings in the execution of the program of travel agreement due to circumstances caused by the customer, like a bad condition of health. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will guaranty the acts of its travel guides, but cannot be responsible for the acts and influences of the third party that are not mentioned in the agreement of travel. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is not responsible for the losses, damages or stealing of the traveler’s belongings in the means of transportation rented by Mora-Travel S.A.R.L., the rented rooms etc.

3.The responsibility of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. is not in vigor for all the cases covered by the insurance travels and annulment.

4.The responsibility of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. for all damages due to the lack of travel enjoyment cannot pass the package price of the travel per person.

5.The responsibility of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. in case of physical damage or death can never pass two times the package price of the travel per person.

ARTICLE 11 – Obligations of the traveler

1. The traveler is in the obligation to follow all advices to the profit for the good progress of the travel on behalf of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L., its staff as well as their guides of travel. The traveler is himself/herself responsible for the damages caused by the failure to respect of these advices.

2. In case the traveler causes such a hindrance that it makes difficult to execute the travel, the promoter of travel or the guide can exclude that traveler for the rest of the trip. If it’s possible the damages and the loss it causes can be assigned to the traveler, the expenses it’s affecting are in his/her charges.

3. The responsibility of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. in helping and assisting some travelers in distress is suppressed when one cannot refer a help from S.O.S power station which should be normally included in the insurance travels and luggage. It is the reason for which Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. obliges its travelers to pass an insurance travels and accidents for the risks that are normally covered by this kind of insurances.

ARTICLE 12 – Complaints

1. The traveler put in writing where the complaint occurred in the best time. First, the traveler addresses as soon as possible in writing to the guide of travel, in fax, e-mail or telephone to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. in Antananarivo. In case where the complaint cannot be solved, the traveler can complain once again in writing and with motives at the latest 30 days after his/her return of the travel to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. in Antananarivo.

2. Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. will give as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint, an answer in writing.
3. If the complaint cannot be solved in a friendly way, the traveler can address (in writing), at the latest 60 days after receipt of the answer written by Mora-Travel S.A.R.L., to the judge competent of jurisdiction of the court of Antananarivo.

ARTICLE 13 – Interest and expenses 

1. The traveler who doesn’t pay his/her financial obligations on time to Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. in the given time, according to the article 3.4., owes an interest of 1% per month (one month begun counts as one complete month).

2. Then, the traveler must repay all expenses, either judicial or non-judicial, that clutters the late cashing, as well as the expenses of the advisor of Mora-Travel S.A.R.L.